Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Top 15 DIY Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner and I LOVE the tradition of the Easter Egg. Some eggs look so cheap or boring…but not these! This is my TOP 15 roundup of the most creative and beautifully decorated egg. The silk dyed egg is one of my faves because she recommends using a thrift store men’s tie to create her masterpiece and the patterns are just stunning!! Hope you enjoy this inspiration to create some unique and fabulous eggs of your own!

Silk Dyed Eggs 
– Personal favorite since she recommends using thrift store silk ties!

Shabby Chic Napkin Eggs
– Here are some similar and vintage napkins I liked

Herb Stenciled Eggs 

Naturally Dyed Eggs
– All about doing something more natural…how cool is this carton!

Glitter Design Eggs
– This Martha Stewart Gold Glitter will work perfectly

Marbled Indigo Eggs

Watercolor Floral Eggs

Gold Tattoo Eggs
– I found these Flash Tattoos on Instagram and I’m obsessed!
– Here are some similar metallic tattoos  that will look amazing as well!

Sprinkle Eggs
– Here are some spring sprinkles I recommend

Painted Floral Eggs

Foliage Eggs

Confetti Eggs
pastel and gold tissue paper to create a similar confetti
Mod Podge Matte Finish


Eggshell Succulent Planters
– Such a fun take on using eggs for Easter gifts or décor
– These are some Gorgeous Succulents

Moss Covered Eggs
– Similar moss and twine she used

Eggshell Seedlings
– Although not a true decorated egg, this idea is just darling and a great idea for spring I had to include it. (And duh, it’s Joanna Gaines)
– This organic 12 most popular seed set is just darling and would be great for kids!


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