Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trendy ripped jeans under $3

Happy Thrift Thursday!!

This summer is flying by, but that’s ok with me because I am
so over this extreme heat and ready to enjoy being outside again. I have BIG plans for our new backyard once it cools down a little and if you know be any…I’m
not patience…if only mother nature knew my A-type personality.  However, I have been better at pacing renovations
at the new house. I’m doing reasonable things and trying to not give
my husband a heart attack by asking for new things every week, so maybe I am
relaxing a little…maybe??!? Or maybe it’s the little toddler running around
that doesn’t let me get anything done and has high interest in every tool which she either steals, hides, throws, or runs with?

As I slowly make progress on the house, I needed
a closet pick-me-up. The cool girls of Instagram finally convinced me to try the
casual ripped jeanslook. Since I was a teenager, I’ve always wanted huge knee ripped
jeans but the astounded horrified look from my grandmother and mother as they
questioned “why are you going to spend money on jeans with holes and rips in them” still
festered in my mind. So as my memories faded with laughter and complete understanding
as a mother now…I stumbled upon a $3 pair of jeans at the thrift store and
thought “what the heck…let’s take a scissor to them and see what happens”.

that is exactly what I did. I put them on and right at the knee I made an X with a
pen. That gave me a good outline of where I wanted the hole to be. I took them off and laid them on the floor, sperated the front and back fabric and cut right at the X by pinching the front fabric together. Then I just cut a large square shape where the knee is. After I finished cutting it did
look like someone just took scissorsto them and not really the designer celebrity
look I was going for, so I just used my nails and scraped and tugged on the hem
until the fabric started fraying.

I paired it with a classic white tank, flannel shirt tied
around the hips (all the cool kids are doing it haha) and these fabulous clearance heels I got from Marshals. What do you think? Worth the $3
and a pair of scissors?

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