Thursday, May 4, 2017

$1 Wedding Sign

On Sunday I attended a surprise bridal shower for a sweet friend I actually met through Willie’s work. She was ecstatic and even though it was scorching hot, then poured, everyone had an amazing time and I can’t wait to celebrate with her in just one month!

When I found this antique frame at the Habitat for Humanity for $1…yes $1…I couldn’t resist. I debated awhile on whether to use in Hartley’s room, but when I heard of the bridal shower I immediately thought, she would love this at the wedding. I’ve only heard a few details but it sounds like the perfect blend of pastel palettes, farm scenery and shabby chic touches that this frame would fit perfectly in. After a good cleaning, all I did remove the backing (it was a thick cardboard material) and did one coat of leftover primer and two coats of chalkboard paint, which really ended up being about 6 coats of chalkboard paint because I have the worst handwriting and had to redo it three times to even be presentable. Oh and tip, I tried outlining with a pen…you can see the pen. Then I did it upside down. Practice makes perfect I guess! When it was all done, I just added a few flowers and greenery on the side for some extra drama that would go along with her flowers colors (optional step and cost around $10).

Ohhh and of course, it’s THRIFT THURSDAY, so my bridal shower attire was a brand new (with tags) Lilly Pulitzer nautical dress I found for $9.50 and a craftwork/bold handle purse that is in trend right now for $4. Both found at my local thrift store. #notmodels (excuse our sweaty hair)


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