Friday, May 26, 2017

DIY Red, White & Blue Shorts

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend full of American pride! This stunning friend is back on the blog featuring her perfectly toned legs in her DIY Americana shorts! Kimberly created these last year for her family’s July 4th beach vacation and they were such a hit. By simply using painters tape, star stickersand fabric spray paint, you can easily transform a pair of old shorts, thrifted cut-off jeans, or overalls to make a fun red, white and blue outfit to show your USA pride.

Here is what she did:

  1. Complete the star side first by bending back the zipper flip and holding back with tape, cover belt line and any other fabric you do not want blue with the tape as well
  2. Place star stickers
  3. Use blue fabric spray to create the star effect, spread paint, dry slightly before removing star stickers
  4. When blue side is dry, move to the striped red side and create lines with blue painters tape
  5. Be careful when spraying the red and cover the blue side with a paper towel just to make sure colors don’t mix, spread paint, dry slightly before removing tape
  6. Let dry 24 hours, run separatley through delicate wash and dry or hang, then happy wearing!

For a slightly different variation and great video tutorial check this out.

It’s always a joy to spend time with this fabulous friend, so we had some fun during this photoshoot! Enjoy 🙂


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