Monday, November 20, 2017

Thrifty Reusable Gift Wrap Ideas

What does an old sweater, leftover craft ribbon, a stocking, brown craft paper, and a thrift store scarf have in common? They can be used to wrap gifts! Yes, that’s right. Gift wrapping ideas for the thrifty and frugal. This post is inspired by my friends at thredUP where you can save TONs of money shopping second-hand online. I always think #secondhandfirst during the holidays in order to save money and recycle items for a more eco-conscious holiday.

First the scarf I found brand new with tags at the thrift store for $3. This is such fun idea because all you need is craft paper, or matching gift warp, scissors, and tape. Wrap gift in the paper and just tie the scarf around your box like a ribbon with a big bow. The person getting the gift not only gets what’s inside but also an amazing new scarf for winter.

For the stocking wine bottle wrap, you may have an extra stocking lying around or for me I found this one for $1.50 at the thrift store.  Easy peasy assembly by just sliding the stocking over the wine bottle and twisting and tucking the footy part into itself. Finish the wrapping with an adorable “drink & be merry” chalkboard sign labels or paper tag and viola an adorable DIY gift wrap that the person can reuse again or in their home!

The craft paper and leftover ribbon is like a normal wrapping paper where you’ll need just scissors and tape. After measuring and centering your gift, take the long end pieces up to go under one another and secure with tape. Next, take your two short ends and make pointed ends that will meet in the middle to secure with tape. Finish with looping leftover ribbon around the gift with ultimately making a box to secure it. The craft paper roll will last you ALL Christmas if you purchase a big one, so it really is a cheap way to wrap gifts. If you don’t have leftover craft ribbon, try buying a large spool of twine and add either tree trimmings, pine cones, feathers, chalkboard sign labels, or faux flowers to finish off the DIY look.

Finally for the sweaters. I used an old hubby sweater for one box and a $3.50 thrifted Christmas sweater to create two unique wrapping ideas. You can cut these to fit, but I tried to wrestle with the fabric in order to preserve the sweater to either be worn be the recipient or donated again. Who doesn’t love a silly Christmas sweater, it’s just part of the season! To do this pick the opening side to be your face-down side to be secured with bobby pins. Then, with the arms you create a sort of knot at the top. The sweater is also an amazing and easy way to wrap odd shaped packages. Literally just pull it over the gift, secure bottom and top, add embellishment and you have an adorable gift that anyone would love. Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be perfect! I love the fun ideas that make my gifts special.

Will you try any of these ideas this Christmas? Reusing and recycling is a great way to save money while also creating memorable gifts for all your friends and family. Now I’m ready to start Christmas decorating!

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