Sunday, December 31, 2017

Our Kitchen Renovation

New Year = New Kitchen! Happy 2018!

When we walked through our house, I thought ehhh not the huge dream kitchen I was hoping for BUT I can work with it and make it my own. And luckily no one had touched it, so I had no guilt about tearing up new renovations that weren’t my style. So after months of deliberation on colors, tiles, hardware, countertops, appliances, driving my husband absolutely insane…we are FINALLY done.

So this was my BIG Christmas 2017 gift. I told the hubby to put a big bow on the kitchen, but he just reminded me to look over and that was my gift.




The kitchen is a complete reflection of my classic yet unique or ambitious style. I decided on classic quartz countertops for their durability and remarkable marble pattern. I matched the white/grey countertops with a stunning herringbone pattern marble backsplash with a unique gold schluter trim that matches great with the hints of golden champagne I brought in on the hardware (pulls and handles) and champagne bronze faucet. The cabinets were professionally painted, because after our small attempt, I knew that I would be super unhappy with a DIY result. And boy am I glad we didn’t go forward ourselves because the incredible finish we have now is stunning. The color is bold, yes it’s blue. It’s a little more blue than I wanted but everyday I am falling more in love with it and it truly is a happy kitchen and a reflection of my personality. The paint color we choose was Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray. Willie did a fabulous job on the peninsula as he added a gorgeous white beadboard and trim that I love and glad it’s not the same color as the cabinets. And this DIY project is totally doable and very low cost (like under $30)! And finally my amazing appliances…the double oven is absolute heaven and my fridge is perfect, I just want to kiss it everyday haha.


  1. I love your remodel. You have a great eye for design and vision of using what you already have. We remodeled our very small townhouse kitchen completely. It is the perfect kitchen but cost us $$$ I know when we eventually size up I will miss my mini dream kitchen. I def will use your tips and tricks when making our future kitchen remodels. I know a total makeover of a larger space will be out of the budget for awhile.

    PS: love love love the wrap around counter on your island

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