Monday, January 29, 2018

My Favorite Pregnancy Workout

Motivation Monday! The bump is getting bigger (34 weeks now) but I’m trying my best to stay active. So with a 60 degree day this weekend I took my workout outside and was able to capture some of my favorite moves I’ve done my entire pregnancy. This full body circuit is complete with a stretch and meditation session at the end. You can do multiple rounds or make it a quick & easy circuit that can be done absolutely anywhere. I used 3 pound weights for the pictures, but you don’t nesscerary need them or you could substitute water bottles, bands, etc. for a little resistance.

Let me tell you a little something about these fabulous Pre2Post Capri Leggings as well…They are from the company Love & Fit. These leggings can be worn before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after. They are super-soft and have a great silicone lined high-waist which stay in place for your entire workout. I also bought the Fit Mama Nursing Sports Bra which I can’t wait to try!

Here is the workout listed out…oh and I do keep counting pretty easy 😉 –

  1. Warmup Section:
    • 5 minute power walk, 20 knee pull-ups, 20 skier reaches side-to-side, 20 pushups, 20 tricep dips
  2. Arm Section:
    • 20 goddess squats with overhead shoulder press, arm circles (20 each direction), 20 bicep curls, 20 front raises, 20 side raises, 20 upright rows
  3. Leg Section:
    • 20 second hold chair pose, 20 lunges each leg, 20 donkey kicks, 20 side plank leg lifts
  4. Core/Stretch/Meditation Section:
    • 20 second plank hold, 20 bird dogs each side, 20 second lizard pose each side, 20 second pigeon pose each side, down dog into butterfly stretch with final mediation. I also highly recommend legs up the wall pose aka leg drain (later in pregnancy use a blanket to prop hips up) either after your workouts or before bedtime. It helps my legs immensely.

Disclosure – I was active before pregnancy and gained approval by my healthcare provider before continuing my fitness routine into pregnancy. This is what works best for me and my body. Please consult a professional healthcare provider before starting a prenatal workout regime.


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