Sunday, August 17, 2014

LOVE bookshelf

I’m so lucky to have one of my best friends pregnant at the same time. It has been wonderful sharing stories, questions, fears, excitement and of course decorating ideas! She is expecting a little boy and saw this DIY LOVE bookshelf on Pinterest. Of course I came right home and volunteered Willie for the project. He did such an amazing job and made some special modifications to really make it his masterpiece. 

We left it bare wood for her so she could decide the colors, but she ended up using the Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White as a base and Florence over. She then distressed it to give it that lovely rustic look that is so in now.

For her shower everyone is supposed to bring a book for the baby and I am so happy that Willie could creative something that will hold such special memories and be a significant part in her beautiful, fun, bold boy’s nursery.

All in the room 馃檪

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our little girl’s nursery

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant. Ahh!! Time has absolutely
flown by!!! What an amazing journey it has been. I feel truly blessed to have
had such an amazing pregnancy that has allowed me to enjoy every moment and
kick along the way. I am definitely going to miss her in my tummy but excited
for our little bundle of joy to arrive.

After our two amazing baby showers hosted and attended by
 our incredible friends and family鈥e are finally complete with the
nursery and just waiting on the little girl to make her debut. Thank
you everyone again for the outpour of support and gifts. Willie and I are so
grateful to have you in our lives.

Here is the story behind my family inspired nursery:

We saved a TON on furniture!!

路        Our first item was my crib鈥ES my crib. My
remarkable mother of course was wishful thinking when she saved my crib,
highchair and all my favorite children鈥檚 books. Thanks mom!

路        Then we inherited the beautiful shabby chic kids
furniture set given to us from Willie鈥檚 family after his grandmothers passing.
She was an amazing lady and we are so lucky to have these beautiful furniture
pieces in our baby鈥檚 room that she can enjoy for many years. The dresser will
serve as the changing table and I found a perfect customized cover on Etsy that
has our last name initial on it (since we still haven鈥檛 decided on a baby
name鈥ES I know I鈥檓 running out of time, but it鈥檚 hard decision!).

路        Our only purchase was the glider and of course,
I found a bargain鈥uy Buy Baby had a glider and ottoman floor model set that
was originally $800. We got it for $340 with the floor model discount and
additional 20% coupon! Go me! The beautiful pink Afghan blanket was knitted by Willie’s Aunt. So sweet!


路        First there was the debate on paint鈥rom the
previous owner it was a dull sage green that I just found down right
boring鈥illie on the other hand was determined that it was staying. Well after
2 months of debating鈥 finally got my way and it is now a rich pinkish grey and
I couldn鈥檛 be happier. Thanks mom for the full day of painting help J It definitely gave the
room a facelift and created the perfect backdrop for all the decorations to come!

路        The beautiful gold mirror and shelf is from
Willie鈥檚 grandmother. I topped it off with a photo frame I made that had our
ultrasound photos in it for my first mother鈥檚 day J

路        The amazing pallet artwork was created by
Willie鈥檚 cousin鈥檚 wife. It was the PERFECT accent above the crib and it was so
sweet of her to put the time and effort to making us a one of a kind piece of

路        My best friend Kellie made the adorable
headband/bow holder that will definitely get tons of use with our little diva!!
What a great idea! I think she has more clothes and accessories then me already

路        The little dream catcher hanging from the
ceiling fan was a find from our recent California trip where we attended a reggae
festival (which was amazing!). Willie has a great deal of Cherokee in him, so I
thought it was very fitting J

路        The hutch holds must of the memories, with my
childhood books, book ends made by my grandfather and other knickknacks from grandparents. Then atop are my favorite
wooden animals. I still remember these being lined up against the window
overlooking the gorgeous pool in my grandparents鈥 home. For our little one
these are extremely special as they would have been hand carved by her
great-great grandfather and painted by her great grandmother. 鈥淗erman鈥 was my
pet box turtle growing up so my grandmother thought the wooden turtle should
have a name J

The finishing touch will be photos above the changing table.
My great friend Heather, who is a professional photographer, gave us the gift
of newborn photos for our shower. I鈥檓 saving this spot to display these amazing
and super thoughtful photos she is taking VERY soon!!

Hope the nursery has inspired you to always keep family
items or anything that might mean something special to you one day (even if you
house is packed to the max like ours HAHA). I鈥檓 all about sentimental items
because they really do make your house a home and unique from anyone else!
Silly cats!! What I’m I going to do with her!
Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Flea Market inspired chair

My inspiration from the Lucketts Market was in full effect!

Remember that reupholstered wing chair from my last post? Well鈥
tried my own version.

Definitely not as professional looking but for $40 in
supplies compared to $375, I鈥檒l take it!

I will forewarn you that if you are looking to use this
chair on a daily basis and want durability鈥his method of no sew reupholstering
is NOT the way to go. This is more for a statement piece in an office or
library that will get infrequent use. After all, it is being held together with
hot glue and staples J

I bought the old coffee/feed bags at the Lucketts Market for
$5 each. Most local coffee shops should have some for around that same price. I
had some leftover fabric from another project (lesson learned- iron fabric
before application), but you can choose any fabric you like.

Since I got the chair for free I really didn鈥檛 mind experimenting,
so I really had fun with it and even tried some braiding and edging on the
sides and back.  

Materials you will need:

Old chair (preferably free)
Heavy duty stapler
Staples (longer the better for edging)
Hot glue gun with LOTS of glue sticks
Burlap or Coffee bags
Fabric of choice

 Have fun creating your beautiful flea market inspired
upcycled chair!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Lucketts Spring Market

What a perfect day to
shop on Sunday! The Lucketts Spring Market was held this weekend and it was amazing!! Wonderful
vendors that had an array of items from antiques, flea market gems, chalked
painted/repurposed furniture and custom made masterpieces. It really offered
something for everyone and in every price range.

The Old Lucketts Store is located in gorgeous horse and wine
country of Leesburg, VA. It is such an oasis just an hour outside the hustle
and bustle of the DC metro area. The Store also features a monthly interior design
house. It enables you to really envision the most creative way to put together
a beautiful home while incorporating modern, vintage, and creative ways to
decorate your home.

Hope you enjoy some of my snapshots from the day J


I cannot wait to try this on my own! What a great chair!!

The Design House