Monday, December 2, 2013

Shabby Chic Dining Room

So the Craigslist ad worked and I had to say goodbye my inherited
70’s black lacquer table that I reupholstered and brought back to life three
years ago. I get a little emotional about furniture and it was hard to give up,
but I knew I wanted something different, something glam, something that oozed
shabby chic and I think I achieved that with my new crisp chalk painted antique

The story behind the new table…

I’m lucky enough to have a great group of friends from my
years of competing horses. We have such a strong bond that was fostered by our
love and devotion to our horses. Even though most of us are out of the sport,
we still get together for parties, wine nights, and do practically everything
together. I cherish the moments with these wonderful women because I know they
will always be there to support and love me. Thanks ladies!

Anyways, one of those wine nights, Mrs. VP (AKA- my barn mother)
mentioned she was trying to sell her dining table on Craigslist. I immediately popped
up from the couch and exclaimed “I want it”. I ran over an inspected the table. With all
the joyful experiences the table witnessed over the years it had minor dents
and scratches, which made it a perfect candidate for the Annie Sloan Chalk

Thanks to a friend, the table was safely delivered to our
townhouse and I was ready to paint.

DIY time…

Chalk Paint is not sold everywhere. Use this link to find a
location close to you. I pick Old White with the clear wax.
I found mine at a great store in Falls Church, VA called Stylish Patina. Chalk
Paint is a little pricy, but it goes A VERY LONG WAY! I did the whole dining
set with just 1 can!!! It’s also so worth it not having to sand or prime! Follow
labeled directions for painting and waxing your piece. I didn’t use the Annie
Sloan paint brush (way too expensive). If you have a Harbor Freight near you or
something similar just buy their medium grade brushes. They work perfectly and
for half the price. We bought 10 brushes for $15.

Before painting, remove your seat cushions and wipe down the entire furniture surface.

For the chairs I had a really hard time finding a budget
friendly fabric I liked. Willie thought of a great idea to go to HomeGoods and use
curtain fabric. We bought two 40” x 84” curtain panels for $19.99 compared to
the $80 I would have spent at a fabric store was such a great budget saving
option! Getting the old fabric off is the hard part, but then very easy process
to measure, cut, and staple the new fabric on.

Last touch to my new dining room was getting rid of the
hideous ceiling fan and replacing it with a chandelier and ceiling medallion.
Props to my amazing husband who surprises me every day with his handyman

And voilà…my beautiful new dining room. I hope you all love
it as much as I do!! I’m so ecstatic to share new family memories at this
table. I can only hope it brings as much togetherness as it did for the VP

My awesome table at Christmas with a stunning floral display from a very talented friend.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Game Day DIY Pallet Headboard

I had been seeing all these amazing
projects made out of wooden pallets on Pinterest and I couldn’t help myself
from trying one on my own.

We had a little embarrassing snafu
trying to find free pallets outside stores (FYI- even though some businesses
put them out by the trash, apparently they aren’t trash and aren’t free).
Luckily, Willie’s father is close friends with a man who own a garbage company
and does large pickups that normal trash days don’t cover. So in 2 days,
Willie’s Dad had 3 beautiful big free pallets waiting outside our garage for
On Saturday, Willie created the frame
using our bed measured dimensions with four 2X4s. He also inserted some metal
corner moldings to make the frame more secure.

The next day (football Sunday), Willie
started his morning by dissembling the pallets. Willie wrestled with the
pallets to pry the boards off, which not always worked and resulted in the
board getting a blade run through it, but in the end we had workable boards for
our headboard. Then it was time to play Jenga! Trying to make the boards fit
together and lineup was the most time consuming task because even though it’s a
“rustic look” we wanted it to be a “perfect rustic look”. So about 2 hours of
puzzling the boards together we finally screwed everything in just in time for
the 1pm Sunday football game. Willie let me take one photo of him and he was
off to have a beer and relax watching football.

I was so happy with the way the
headboard turned out. Such a fun cheap project with wonderful results!

Three Pallets = $0 FREE

Four 2x4s = $12

One 1×3=$4

Metal corner frames = FREE (We had them
in the house but they cost like $3)

Screws = $6

Our Total Cost was only $22

*He normally doesn’t look this ridiculous, but supporting Movember 🙂 

Friday, July 5, 2013

What a year!

I cannot believe it is already Fourth of July week again! What a magical year this has been for Willie and me. We had the good luck of being able to celebrate our 1 month wedding anniversary (yes, I know…cheesy) in the wonderful Outer Banks where he proposed one year earlier. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the greatest but that did give us an excuse to exercise our shopping abilities. Once again, the Outer Banks antique stores didn’t fail me. Here are some of my favorite items I saw.

These colorful glass pieces are just amazing!


This tiny blue vase (circa 1940s) was made by the Fenton Art Glass Company who is the largest manufacturer of handmade colored glass in the United States. For some more history go to:


 Amazing electric coffee pot set made around the 1920s.

This Nippon hand painted gold plate made in the late 1800s was breathtaking!

These didn’t look too comfy but how cool are these Victorian boots!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Girl’s Weekend before the BIG day

What an amazing bachelorette trip I had this weekend with
all my closest girlfriends! We stayed in an amazing beach house in The Outer Banks.
We couldn’t have asked for better weather, company, activities, food or
anything. It was absolutely perfect and a great way to spend my last few days
as a single woman. I can’t believe the wedding is in 10 days!! Crazy!!

Anyways, on our way home we stopped at the Williamsburg Antique
Mall. This place was enormous and a little overwhelming to be honest. We winded
back and forth through the aisles of stuff and just completely amazed at how
much “stuff” there was. Some of my favorite displays included the PEZ dispenser
collection, Star Wars Wall, salt and pepper shakers, blue and white Polish
Pottery, beautiful flower ivory vases, an awesome hutch, gems and jewels, and
my absolute favorite…modern furniture made out of reclaimed wood. I am definitely
getting one of these amazing tables! So fun to explore!