Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thrifted Maternity Look

I have been trying to put together a thrift look for a few weeks, but just seemed like nothing was meshing in the hodgepodge of maternity wear I have while appropriate for these frigid Virginia winter days. But finally I found this adorable knitted sweater (for $2.50) with the sweetest little pom-pom details and pockets. Although not maternity, it had enough stretch that it fits over the bump. I also lucked out and found a fabulous Motherhood Maternity sweater jacket (for $5) and corduroy maternity pants ($3) .

So for the thrifted sweater, maternity jacket and pants the total cost was $10.50! I paired it with my favorite Jessica Simpson boots and a cute boho hat I found at Marshals. It was the perfect outfit for a freezing cold day in the country with friends. The 32 week bump was looking good!

If you haven’t checked out my full How to Create a Maternity Closet on a Budget post it is provides great resources on how to create a frugal maternity wardrobe. Looks for less are right at your fingertips!

Happy Thrift Thursday!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Velvet Trend

Happy Saturday edition of Thrift Thursday! I’ve been fighting a sinus infection so getting ready for pictures has just not happened, but I finally sucked it up and got dressed and out on the town yesterday. The perfect weather and having a new outfit gave me a little boost to overcome this cold.

When you can match the latest trends on a thrift budget it’s better than and ice cream cone on a hot day. I’m obsessed with the velvet movement. Soft, glistening, luxurious fabric…I mean come on it’s pretty awesome.

I found this velvet blazer at my local thrift store for $3! For this look I went all out velvet. Blazer, purse, shoes, and even thought of matching my awesome velvet maternity pants with it, but I edited and ended up finishing the look with skinny jeans.

  • Blazer – $3 (thrift store on 50% off day)
  • Maternity Skinny Jeans – $38 (sale at Motherhood Maternity Outlet)
  • Maternity Top – $15 (sale & coupon Macy’s)
  • Boots – $24.99 (Marshals)
  • Purse – $0 (gift from mom)

If you missed my latest post about how to find maternity fashion on a budget, check out this post! It has a bunch of great tips and tricks on saving money while building your maternity wardrobe.

Of course you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy this beautiful trend! Incorporating this fabulous material into your wardrobe gives your look a glam effect. It can also be a great way to wear the hottest fall trend colors! What do you think?

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Monday, October 30, 2017

How to Create a Maternity Closet on a Budget

Women normally need a good maternity wardrobe from about 4 months into their pregnancy to a month post-pregnancy. That’s a long time not to have enough pieces you can rock. But I also understand the huge commitment and hesitation of spending tons of money for new specific items.

So, here are my tips on how to incorporate your current closet while finding ways to save on maternity additions.

Evaluate Your Closet and Make it Last
  • First thing I did when I needed a little more breathing room was look for items that fit comfortably while also hiding my slightly growing belly until I was ready to share our news. For work I was able to wear loose blouses and leave a pant button open. There are also such great belly band options to make your pants last, I’ve just never invested in one because my thighs and hips seem to grow with my belly so I have to go up a pant size anyways.
  • Sweaters, wraps, stretchy tops and skirts, or drawstring pants that are already in your closet are fabulous for your first and into second trimester. For example at 21 weeks I’m wearing a non-maternity sweater dress with leggings and boots.
  • From my first pregnancy, even though babies will be born in completely different seasons, I was able to pull and incorporate the maternity clothes I had saved. Save everything! I was able to have jeans, work tops, summer dresses that I will pair with leggings for a fall look, and some workout pants and tanks.
Where/How To Buy Retail
  • You’ll be surprised at how many options you will have a more budget-friendly retailers like Old Navy, Target, Walmart, Zulily, and even Amazon. These retailers have a huge selection and enable you to buy more pieces for less.
  • Specialty shops like Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in a Pod are expensive, but by finding a factory outlet in your area let’s you wear their fabulous pieces on a budget. For this pregnancy I found two great patterned pants that I can dress-up for work or dress-down for weekends that were only $13 each on clearance. Our outlet also offers additional coupons via a coupon book, so don’t forget to ask the mall’s customer service!
  • Watch for department store sales. Macy’s was having an amazing maternity sale right at the beginning of my pregnancy. I went through and picked everything I loved that was on super clearance and with my mom’s additional coupon I was able to get about 10 pieces for around $150.  It was a wonderful birthday gift and actually made me super excited to start my belly bump journey again.
Buy/Rent Pre-owned Maternity Clothes
  • It wouldn’t be a post without me mentioning pre-owned clothing. There are just so many options for buying used maternity looks. Here are some places to look:
    • Thrift Store
    • Consignment Stores
    • Yard/Garage Sales
    • Craigslist, FreeCycle, FaceBook groups, and other online selling groups
    • ThredUP
  • Renting is also now a fabulous option for those special occasions during your pregnancy. Some options include Le Tote, Mine for Nine, and Borrow For Your Bump.
Friend Connections/Swaps
  • Having a friend almost identical in size is the best! One of my best friends has gotten through both of her pregnancies and breastfeeding phases without having to purchase much at all because her dear friend (even being across the country) sends her all her maternity/nursing clothes for her to use. Having this option is fabulous especially if you are having kids about a year apart.
  • Reach out to your friend network and see if anyone can lend you items or if you can buy them off them. This is a great way to recycle and also a way for them to feel great about cleaning out their closet.
  • If you have a lot of preggo friends, hosting a clothes swap is a fabulous way to get new looks throughout your pregnancy without spending a penny!

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This is such an exciting time! Feel and look beautiful from the inside out and your mama glow will be just radiant!

Let me know if any of these tips work for your maternity fashion.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Budget Finds {under $50}

Happy first day of summer!

This summer is going to be jam-packed with events and as exhausted we are going to be, I cannot wait to share some incredible memories with friends and family. So to start off my summer I’ve created a list of my summer budget finds under $50 because even as a fru-GAL (see what I did there haha) everyone need a fabulous wardrobe and beauty essesetials for summer fun!

Summer Accessories

Accessories are EVERYTHING for summer. It’s the perfect time to rock fun earrings, colorful big bags, fabulous sandals, and funky sungalsses.

Summer Closet Essentials

I think my summer motto will be “Yoga + Iced Coffee”, so of course a fun tee needed to be included on my list! And I’m loving the deep plunge white swimsuit…can we say HOT?!? I’m super easy for summer as shorts aren’t my thing, so my go-to look is a t-shirt and yoga pants or long flowy dresses.

Summer Makeup Favorites

My summer skincare routine is simple and I try to use the best products for makeup routine. If you have not heard of or used Tarte Cosmetics, they are absolutely amazing. I wear their BB Cream and Clay Finishing Powder every day and it’s the perfect amount of coverage but lightweight and keeps my skin healthy. Their bronzer and self-tanner are perfect to get a fabulous glow without the harmful efffects of the sun. Every product I’ve used from them has exceeded expectations, so I hope you give them a try!