Friday, January 29, 2016

Vintage Hat & Brooks Brothers Coat

Kimberly and I shot this in the fall and I was waiting for the perfect time to share it! We are officially in winter here in Virginia with just shoveling out of the Blizzard of 2016, so I thought it was a perfect way to get fashionably out of my PJ, no makeup, messy hair trend that I had been sporting. Being home all weekend with the baby and Willie was great! But boy, after day 5 I was totally ready to get back into the routine and as bad as it sounds, yes, back to work.
This look is for the confident classic women. The hat I found at a vintage store with Kimberly paired with a tan vintage 100% camel hair Brooks Brothers coat is EVERYTHING! The Brooks Brothers coat was a thrift store find at only $28!! Coats and jackets at Brooks Brothers retail for almost $600, so that’s a 95% savings! And the hat…ughhh I’m in love. The deep rich beautiful burgundy color is just stunning with the fabulous flower accents. It is so fun and such a great winter staple! Happy Thrift Thursday! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Perfect Holiday Look

Christmas Eve Thrift Thursday!

Ahhh tomorrow is Christmas!!! The crazy warm rainy weather in Virginia
has done nothing for my holiday spirit but the shopping and parties surely has gotten
me in the mood. Tomorrow is going to be so exciting with our little 16 month
old daughter. I cannot wait to see her face!

As my last day in the office before our break, I was
counting every minute (don’t you hate those days when you feel like the clock doesn’t
move…ughhh). However, I did make myself feel a little more Christmassy by
wearing a beautiful red plaid jacket, winter white pants, with red lips and nails. Red lips for some
reason just makes you feel instantly more classy! 

The plaid faux-fur lined Ralph Lauren blazer was $6.00 which I
paired with white Banana Republic trousers that I got for only $3.50,
both from the thrift store! The mix of the bright holiday red and the winter
white pants just screams holiday to me…LOVE! A whole outfit under $11…YES please!

Enjoy this wonderful time with your family and friends.
Memories are the best presents you will ever get. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to Wear the Fisherman Sweater

Thrift Thursday!!
So first off, this is why I always have Kimberly model…because I can’t! But this was the perfect night to showcase my beautiful Oscar de la Renta sweater with the amazing Christmas decorations and lighted streets in Old Town Alexandria.

The Aran sweater, often known as the fisherman sweater, takes its name from the set of islands off the west coast of Ireland where it originated from in the late 1800s. The stitches are said to carry their own unique meaning in the lives of the Island community. Today, the mass versions of the sweater are seen everywhere and I just can’t get enough! It’s a classic and new wardrobe staple.There’s something so cozy and rugged about the loose fit and chunky cable-knit details. Although this is more of a masculine look, it can serve as a nice counterbalance to more feminine garments, like the skinny black jeggings I paired it with. 
I found this amazing Oscar de la Renta sweater for $15.00 at my local thrift store!! I paired it with my favorite pair of black Calvin Klein pants that I have worn at least 100 times which were only $7.00!! I have definitely gotten my money worth!! 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Feathers, Fur, Floppy Hat= Trendy Fall Look

It’s Thrift Thursday!

This week was absolutely exhausting being on travel for work in New Jersey. But, we did have the most perfect fall weather, which really encouraged me to still sit down tonight and get this amazing look posted!

This fall look is fabulous because it incorporates three of the hottest trends, fur, feathers, and a floppy signature hat.

The Look:

  • Fur Sweater – $9 from local thrift store in almost BRAND NEW condition 🙂
  • Hat – $20 Antique Store
  • Purse, boots, jewelry, jeans, white turtleneck – from Kimberly’s closet

This photo of Kimberly is to die for. This hat was made for her. So stunning!

About two years ago, Kimberly and I went into downtown Leesburg, Virginia, which is the cutest historic town with tons of antique shops and specialty boutiques. We spent over an hour in this antique store having dress up time.  As we giggled like little school girls, we tried on everything from beautiful beaded dresses, costumes, bowas, scarfs, and of course tons of hats! Kimberly ended up with this gorg navy feathered hat and I ended up with a fancy maroon hat (upcoming next few weeks).  We talked the gentleman into giving us a 20% discount buying them together so we ended up getting them both for $40!