Friday, November 20, 2015

Feathers, Fur, Floppy Hat= Trendy Fall Look

It’s Thrift Thursday!

This week was absolutely exhausting being on travel for work in New Jersey. But, we did have the most perfect fall weather, which really encouraged me to still sit down tonight and get this amazing look posted!

This fall look is fabulous because it incorporates three of the hottest trends, fur, feathers, and a floppy signature hat.

The Look:

  • Fur Sweater – $9 from local thrift store in almost BRAND NEW condition 🙂
  • Hat – $20 Antique Store
  • Purse, boots, jewelry, jeans, white turtleneck – from Kimberly’s closet

This photo of Kimberly is to die for. This hat was made for her. So stunning!

About two years ago, Kimberly and I went into downtown Leesburg, Virginia, which is the cutest historic town with tons of antique shops and specialty boutiques. We spent over an hour in this antique store having dress up time.  As we giggled like little school girls, we tried on everything from beautiful beaded dresses, costumes, bowas, scarfs, and of course tons of hats! Kimberly ended up with this gorg navy feathered hat and I ended up with a fancy maroon hat (upcoming next few weeks).  We talked the gentleman into giving us a 20% discount buying them together so we ended up getting them both for $40!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thrifty Bridesmaid’s Gift – Monogram Shirts

Remember that wedding signage post? Well here is another beautiful detail from Nicole’s wedding
that was so budget friendly…and of course Thrift Thursday post worthy!

Nicole had a wonderful group of girls in her wedding party
and even though there was 11 of us…yes 11…we all got along, laughed and appreciated
spending time with one another in anticipation for Nicole’s BIG day! Nicole
gave us the best gifts to include a statement white & gold necklace and of
course my favorite detail…monogrammed oversized shirts from the thrift store.
Nicole told me at the rehearsal dinner (because she knew I would appreciate it)
that she scavenged for months trying to find all these Polo Ralph Lauren button
up shirts at her local thrift stores. Her hard work paid off and she was able to
save a ton!! Getting these shirts for about $7/each and then taking them to a
local shop for the monogram only cost her $10/each = UNDER $20 for a custom

We all looked so great getting ready and absolutely STUNNING
in our dresses!

Thank you Carley Rehberg for these gorgeous photos J
Thursday, November 5, 2015

Professional Wardrobe On A Budget – Suit Under $20

Thrift Thursday!

About this time a year I feel like everyone it’s getting the
itch to start the new year off with a new job. I mean come on, what’s better
than starting the year off fresh in a new environment with new challenges. So,
to get you all inspired and looking snazzy for those interviews, here is an
amazing find from my local thrift store that will surely land you the perfect

The Look:

  • Suit – (Blazer and Skirt) = White House Black Market $19.90 from thrift store!! WOW!
  • Shirt –  Can be just a basic cotton (like this black one which go for about $4 at the thrift store) or make it extra professional with a nice blouse or button-down (about $7 from the thrift store)
  • Shoes – Aren’t these Jessica Simpson heels amazing! Kimberly got these on sale for $39 at Marshals to wear at my wedding and I think she has gotten her full use out of them!
  • Michael Kors purse

The beautiful flirty details of the jacket and skirt are
appropriate for any job market. Professional enough to take you into a multimillion
dollar company but fun enough for that art gallery interview that you are so
excited about.

Hope you land the perfect job and have fun exploring your
options with not only clothing but your career!
Friday, October 30, 2015

Classically Preppy Fall Look – Button Down with Vest

It’s Thrift Thursday!!

Starting with this post, every Thursday I will now highlight
a budget fashion look incorporating second-hand clothing.

To start this new weekly blog tradition, I wanted to start
off with a super classic look that everyone can pull off.

Fitted button down + vest = classic perfection.

Add some jeans and boots from your closet and you are
ready for Fall!

Thank you Kimberly for being the PERFECT model!

The Look:
  • Vest – cabi vest was from local thrift store for $9.90!
  • Shirt – Talbots button down shirt was from the local thrift store $8.90
  • Purse – Antique store on Etsy
  • Jeans, boots, jewelry – from Kimberly’s closet