Friday, September 25, 2015

Hug in a Cup

In the spring and fall our city hosts a very prominent arts and craft show that pulls the attention of thousands of attendees and of course…I am one of them. There are tons of local businesses and artists which makes it one of my favorite events. This year I found a pottery artist that I was absolutely obsessed with!! Clays of Our Lives (pretty hilarious) by Brian Beckenheimer does not disappoint with his wonderfully crafted (almost tie-dye colored) functional stoneware. I went crazy and at $12 for these huge custom mugs, they were a crazy steal! These beauties just make my morning coffee so much better with their little personalities! (I also got a soup bowl and he threw in the mini vase as a thank you gift…so nice!)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MacKenzie-Childs…Splurge or Save?

I have been lusting over a MacKenzie-Childs teapot for quite
some time. Her designs are absolutely amazing, however a little pricy for my
budget. This Sunday I hit the jackpot at our local thrift store. On the top
shelf I spotted the trademark black and white checkered pattern…my heart
stopped…have I found a MacKenzie-Childs in a thrift store?!?! Unfortunately, it
wasn’t the designer, but for $3 vs. the $325 I would have spent on the designer
brand, I am totally amazed and happy with my purchase. It brings such a fun and
funky twist to my rustic kitchen and I absolutely LOVE this find!

Of course I couldn’t resist the $2 matching mug…LOVE!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Vanity Affiar

So I have a slight obsession with vanity tops…although not
all were DIY projects, you can really transform a bathroom with focusing your
accents around your vanity top.

Luckily, with my four trips to Afghanistan I was able to pay
for all four of our home’s bathroom vanities. I also had free plumber in-house
so that saved a lot on labor costs for hooking up the new fixtures J

Key lessons:

Look for remnant pieces at your local granite
store. These change daily, so if you don’t like something the first time you
look, go another day. Don’t rush!

2.      If you have a friend or family member who can
reattach your faucet and plumbing ties after installation, you will save a
TON!! The granite place wanted $100 for each plumbing hookup because they have
to subcontract a plumber to come in.

Look for sale accent items.

The first vanity change was the “man cave” bathroom (Willie
is very lucky, I always put his needs first J).
This amazing green granite was a remnant so we got a great deal on it! Adding
the sage green paint, new fixtures, and some accents, this bathroom is a
perfect addition to Wilie’s man cave. Willie just recently added a speaker to
the ceiling and some crown molding, which I have to admit turned out A LOT
better than I thought it would for his first time.

Second project we tackled ourselves with a standard size
granite top from Lowe’s. We then transformed the bathroom with a clearance rug and
shower curtain from Lowe’s, new fixtures, and a beautiful storage cabinet. The
finishing touch was the amazing gold mirror we found at Marshalls for only


Third project was our master bedroom. This was probably my favorite
transformation. We got another amazing deal on this remnant exotic granite. The
uniquely shaped squared sinks gave this master bathroom the little kick into
the 21st century. We finished the bathroom off with antique fashioned
faucets and mirrors from Kohls.

Looks like space, doesn’t it? So cool!

Last project, for our main floor…a rustic inspired bathroom.
First thing, getting rid of wallpaper and painting! We also added crown molding to match the rest of the main floor. I really lucked out finding this stunning remnant of this grey exotic marble.
Again, new faucet (we choose a water trough spout to go with the rustic theme),
new rustic mirror from Marshalls. AND finally our DIY projects. Willie
transformed the light fixture using mason jars we found at the thrift store and
created a toilet paper and towel holder using pipes! I will take credit for
that idea, but he always knows how to make it J

Before…like the wallpaper? 🙂


I say we’ve done pretty good…now what to do next?
Thursday, August 30, 2012

New and Old

Willie was such a sweetheart and came down to Florida to
help my mom and I clean out my grandparent’s home. It was very hard but having
him by my side and keeping me laughing made the grueling task a bit easier. He
also pulled his weight in the 17 hour drive home!

I inherited some wonderful china. It’s just a basic white
and silver set but the fact that it was my grandmother’s is so much more
meaningful. I am currently setting up my wedding registry and a couple of people have
asked “why I don’t you get all new stuff”? My answer is that “anyone can buy new things,
to have special items in your home that come from family or just something you
find with a special person makes a huge difference in your home”.

While we were down in Fort Myers, Willie and I just happened
to stop into this consignment store called Second Chance, which is run off
donations and all profits go towards helping women have a second chance in
life. Check it out! There may something like this close to you!
We found an amazing china hutch. It was right when we walked in and it was
absolutely what we were looking for and couldn’t believe it. It seems pretty
old because the wood is very thick and it does have some repainting like it’s
been passed down for generations. Willie and I are just such pushovers for
unique and antique items J
It was $279 but 30% off so it was just at $200! You can’t find many wood
hutches for that price!

It looks amazing with it’s cute little light on right!