Friday, November 8, 2013

Game Day DIY Pallet Headboard

I had been seeing all these amazing
projects made out of wooden pallets on Pinterest and I couldn’t help myself
from trying one on my own.

We had a little embarrassing snafu
trying to find free pallets outside stores (FYI- even though some businesses
put them out by the trash, apparently they aren’t trash and aren’t free).
Luckily, Willie’s father is close friends with a man who own a garbage company
and does large pickups that normal trash days don’t cover. So in 2 days,
Willie’s Dad had 3 beautiful big free pallets waiting outside our garage for
On Saturday, Willie created the frame
using our bed measured dimensions with four 2X4s. He also inserted some metal
corner moldings to make the frame more secure.

The next day (football Sunday), Willie
started his morning by dissembling the pallets. Willie wrestled with the
pallets to pry the boards off, which not always worked and resulted in the
board getting a blade run through it, but in the end we had workable boards for
our headboard. Then it was time to play Jenga! Trying to make the boards fit
together and lineup was the most time consuming task because even though it’s a
“rustic look” we wanted it to be a “perfect rustic look”. So about 2 hours of
puzzling the boards together we finally screwed everything in just in time for
the 1pm Sunday football game. Willie let me take one photo of him and he was
off to have a beer and relax watching football.

I was so happy with the way the
headboard turned out. Such a fun cheap project with wonderful results!

Three Pallets = $0 FREE

Four 2x4s = $12

One 1×3=$4

Metal corner frames = FREE (We had them
in the house but they cost like $3)

Screws = $6

Our Total Cost was only $22

*He normally doesn’t look this ridiculous, but supporting Movember 🙂