Monday, October 5, 2015

Statement Wedding Signage

This year has been full of bridal showers, bachelorettes,
and weddings! Willie and I have had a total of six weddings to attend (plus a
wedding reception for an elopement in St. Thomas). It was an absolute joy to celebrate
these amazing couples and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

My friends are also the best wedding decorators on earth! I totally need another wedding from all the ideas I’ve gotten this year. Metallic was huge this year, especially the use of gold accents. Two of my favorite uses were of course from repurposed frames.

 A little history on this first repurposed frame…This was my grandmother’s frame that used
to host a huge collage of family photos in her home. When she passed I drove
all of her belongings (including this frame) from Florida to Virginia. I
removed all the photos for safekeeping  and
painted the backboard using chalkboard paint. I had left it the original teal color until the recent bridal shower for Nicole (my other gold bride) where I just used gold spray paint to give it a little facelift and match her color theme. This frame has served so many purposes including my wedding, my baby shower, two bridal showers, and of course Kelly’s wedding.

My friend Kelly created the most perfect wedding out of a southern magazine and I was so honored she used a little piece of me in her decorations. Her cousin is an absolute amazing artist and created this one of a kind sign for the guest seating assignments. Kelly’s vision for the entire wedding was absolute PERFECTION. The stunning bride (and handsome groom) really treated their guests to an amazing party too!

The second gold frame was a spectacular find as well! Nicole
is the most amazing person with the absolute perfect style, so I knew that her
wedding would be nothing less than 100% perfection…and it was. All of the
little details Nicole included were flawless and with almost all of them
borrowed, secondhand, or handmade, she really delivered detail on a budget.  Nicole bought this frame from another bride
that found this at the thrift store for $30!! If you could see this frame in
person, it’s giant! So for $30 already chalk painted from another bride’s craftiness,
it was a steal!! 

So if you are in the market to glam up your wedding with
some metallic signage…scout your local thrift store or yard sales and repurpose a large frame with some spray paint and chalkboard paint…viola beautiful DIY wedding signage!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Easy Housewarming Gift

A personalized wreath is the perfect housewarming gift for a newly married
couple who just but their first house together. I gave this to my friends and
on moving day the proudly displayed their new initial on the front door and
helped mark this new chapter and transition into married life. This is something
that won’t cost you much but will have a huge meaning behind it.
All you need is a wooden wreath, artificial flowers,
scissors, hot glue, and an wooden initial. I’ve also seen this project done with house numbers or
other items that you can personalize for different occasions.  I also included a wreath hanger so it was a
complete set, but that is up to you! Don’t forget to coupon cut for savings!
Everything is always on sale at craft stores.
Didn’t it turn out great?

I also made one for our front door. I am actually going this weekend to pick out some fall colored flowers to replace the Spring motif. The great thing about the wooden wreath is you can change it with the seasons! Great investment!
And here is another version that my friend made. How amazing is her farmhouse red door!! Love it!! You really cannot go wrong with decorating these wreaths. Use your imagination! 
Have fun crafting!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

LOVE bookshelf

I’m so lucky to have one of my best friends pregnant at the same time. It has been wonderful sharing stories, questions, fears, excitement and of course decorating ideas! She is expecting a little boy and saw this DIY LOVE bookshelf on Pinterest. Of course I came right home and volunteered Willie for the project. He did such an amazing job and made some special modifications to really make it his masterpiece. 

We left it bare wood for her so she could decide the colors, but she ended up using the Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White as a base and Florence over. She then distressed it to give it that lovely rustic look that is so in now.

For her shower everyone is supposed to bring a book for the baby and I am so happy that Willie could creative something that will hold such special memories and be a significant part in her beautiful, fun, bold boy’s nursery.

All in the room 🙂

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Flea Market inspired chair

My inspiration from the Lucketts Market was in full effect!

Remember that reupholstered wing chair from my last post? Well…I
tried my own version.

Definitely not as professional looking but for $40 in
supplies compared to $375, I’ll take it!

I will forewarn you that if you are looking to use this
chair on a daily basis and want durability…this method of no sew reupholstering
is NOT the way to go. This is more for a statement piece in an office or
library that will get infrequent use. After all, it is being held together with
hot glue and staples J

I bought the old coffee/feed bags at the Lucketts Market for
$5 each. Most local coffee shops should have some for around that same price. I
had some leftover fabric from another project (lesson learned- iron fabric
before application), but you can choose any fabric you like.

Since I got the chair for free I really didn’t mind experimenting,
so I really had fun with it and even tried some braiding and edging on the
sides and back.  

Materials you will need:

Old chair (preferably free)
Heavy duty stapler
Staples (longer the better for edging)
Hot glue gun with LOTS of glue sticks
Burlap or Coffee bags
Fabric of choice

 Have fun creating your beautiful flea market inspired
upcycled chair!!