Friday, September 18, 2015

OBX Faves!

YAY! Another successful trip to OBX complete!

As Hartley’s first beach trip, she was amazing! The toys and
bathtub we purchased from the thrift store were lifesavers. We set her up under
a big tent with towels underneath and either let her play there or in her bath
tub with some salt water (so she got the real beach experience J). We also got her to
take a nap every day, which was AWESOME! The little diva got to take her naps
with a little battery operated fan. Excited to see her next year running around
and splashing in the real waves.

Going down there always reminds me of the slower
paced life and the wonderful happy people who live down there. My favorite
spots that I ALWAYS have to visit are Front Porch Café, Outer Bean Juice and
Java and Déjà New. Front Porch Café has some amazing coffee and I’m always a
proud supporter of local coffee shops. Outer Bean Juice and Java and Déjà New
combine my two loves in just a few steps of one another…Outer Bean has great
coffee and amazing healthy food options while Déjà New has awesome reclaimed artistic
furniture. Outer Bean is possibly my favorite spot to have breakfast. We
visited multiple times on our recent trip, but my favorite morning was when
Willie and I strolled Hartley up and were able to get some coffee and enjoy the
morning breeze outside, then we went inside and ordered some breakfast. Willie
got a yummy smoked salmon bagel while I got their Healing smoothie. The Healing
smoothie is made with avocado, celery, ginger, banana, parsley, spinach, kale,
romaine, almond, walnuts flaxseed, hemp protein, chia seed with almond milk. It
is possibly the best and most healthy way to start off your day. Hartley loved
it too! I couldn’t even get a sip in because she wanted more and more. We also
always get a special treat…I mean we are on vacation…and split their delicious
homemade spiced apple cake….yummm! Go visit these amazing local OBX
businesses…you won’t be disappointed.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Lucketts Spring Market

What a perfect day to
shop on Sunday! The Lucketts Spring Market was held this weekend and it was amazing!! Wonderful
vendors that had an array of items from antiques, flea market gems, chalked
painted/repurposed furniture and custom made masterpieces. It really offered
something for everyone and in every price range.

The Old Lucketts Store is located in gorgeous horse and wine
country of Leesburg, VA. It is such an oasis just an hour outside the hustle
and bustle of the DC metro area. The Store also features a monthly interior design
house. It enables you to really envision the most creative way to put together
a beautiful home while incorporating modern, vintage, and creative ways to
decorate your home.

Hope you enjoy some of my snapshots from the day J


I cannot wait to try this on my own! What a great chair!!

The Design House 

Friday, July 5, 2013

What a year!

I cannot believe it is already Fourth of July week again! What a magical year this has been for Willie and me. We had the good luck of being able to celebrate our 1 month wedding anniversary (yes, I know…cheesy) in the wonderful Outer Banks where he proposed one year earlier. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the greatest but that did give us an excuse to exercise our shopping abilities. Once again, the Outer Banks antique stores didn’t fail me. Here are some of my favorite items I saw.

These colorful glass pieces are just amazing!


This tiny blue vase (circa 1940s) was made by the Fenton Art Glass Company who is the largest manufacturer of handmade colored glass in the United States. For some more history go to:


 Amazing electric coffee pot set made around the 1920s.

This Nippon hand painted gold plate made in the late 1800s was breathtaking!

These didn’t look too comfy but how cool are these Victorian boots!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Girl’s Weekend before the BIG day

What an amazing bachelorette trip I had this weekend with
all my closest girlfriends! We stayed in an amazing beach house in The Outer Banks.
We couldn’t have asked for better weather, company, activities, food or
anything. It was absolutely perfect and a great way to spend my last few days
as a single woman. I can’t believe the wedding is in 10 days!! Crazy!!

Anyways, on our way home we stopped at the Williamsburg Antique
Mall. This place was enormous and a little overwhelming to be honest. We winded
back and forth through the aisles of stuff and just completely amazed at how
much “stuff” there was. Some of my favorite displays included the PEZ dispenser
collection, Star Wars Wall, salt and pepper shakers, blue and white Polish
Pottery, beautiful flower ivory vases, an awesome hutch, gems and jewels, and
my absolute favorite…modern furniture made out of reclaimed wood. I am definitely
getting one of these amazing tables! So fun to explore!