Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Flea Market inspired chair

My inspiration from the Lucketts Market was in full effect!

Remember that reupholstered wing chair from my last post? Well…I
tried my own version.

Definitely not as professional looking but for $40 in
supplies compared to $375, I’ll take it!

I will forewarn you that if you are looking to use this
chair on a daily basis and want durability…this method of no sew reupholstering
is NOT the way to go. This is more for a statement piece in an office or
library that will get infrequent use. After all, it is being held together with
hot glue and staples J

I bought the old coffee/feed bags at the Lucketts Market for
$5 each. Most local coffee shops should have some for around that same price. I
had some leftover fabric from another project (lesson learned- iron fabric
before application), but you can choose any fabric you like.

Since I got the chair for free I really didn’t mind experimenting,
so I really had fun with it and even tried some braiding and edging on the
sides and back.  

Materials you will need:

Old chair (preferably free)
Heavy duty stapler
Staples (longer the better for edging)
Hot glue gun with LOTS of glue sticks
Burlap or Coffee bags
Fabric of choice

 Have fun creating your beautiful flea market inspired
upcycled chair!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Lucketts Spring Market

What a perfect day to
shop on Sunday! The Lucketts Spring Market was held this weekend and it was amazing!! Wonderful
vendors that had an array of items from antiques, flea market gems, chalked
painted/repurposed furniture and custom made masterpieces. It really offered
something for everyone and in every price range.

The Old Lucketts Store is located in gorgeous horse and wine
country of Leesburg, VA. It is such an oasis just an hour outside the hustle
and bustle of the DC metro area. The Store also features a monthly interior design
house. It enables you to really envision the most creative way to put together
a beautiful home while incorporating modern, vintage, and creative ways to
decorate your home.

Hope you enjoy some of my snapshots from the day J


I cannot wait to try this on my own! What a great chair!!

The Design House




Monday, March 10, 2014

Vanity Affiar

So I have a slight obsession with vanity tops…although not
all were DIY projects, you can really transform a bathroom with focusing your
accents around your vanity top.

Luckily, with my four trips to Afghanistan I was able to pay
for all four of our home’s bathroom vanities. I also had free plumber in-house
so that saved a lot on labor costs for hooking up the new fixtures J

Key lessons:

Look for remnant pieces at your local granite
store. These change daily, so if you don’t like something the first time you
look, go another day. Don’t rush!

2.      If you have a friend or family member who can
reattach your faucet and plumbing ties after installation, you will save a
TON!! The granite place wanted $100 for each plumbing hookup because they have
to subcontract a plumber to come in.

Look for sale accent items.

The first vanity change was the “man cave” bathroom (Willie
is very lucky, I always put his needs first J).
This amazing green granite was a remnant so we got a great deal on it! Adding
the sage green paint, new fixtures, and some accents, this bathroom is a
perfect addition to Wilie’s man cave. Willie just recently added a speaker to
the ceiling and some crown molding, which I have to admit turned out A LOT
better than I thought it would for his first time.

Second project we tackled ourselves with a standard size
granite top from Lowe’s. We then transformed the bathroom with a clearance rug and
shower curtain from Lowe’s, new fixtures, and a beautiful storage cabinet. The
finishing touch was the amazing gold mirror we found at Marshalls for only


Third project was our master bedroom. This was probably my favorite
transformation. We got another amazing deal on this remnant exotic granite. The
uniquely shaped squared sinks gave this master bathroom the little kick into
the 21st century. We finished the bathroom off with antique fashioned
faucets and mirrors from Kohls.

Looks like space, doesn’t it? So cool!

Last project, for our main floor…a rustic inspired bathroom.
First thing, getting rid of wallpaper and painting! We also added crown molding to match the rest of the main floor. I really lucked out finding this stunning remnant of this grey exotic marble.
Again, new faucet (we choose a water trough spout to go with the rustic theme),
new rustic mirror from Marshalls. AND finally our DIY projects. Willie
transformed the light fixture using mason jars we found at the thrift store and
created a toilet paper and towel holder using pipes! I will take credit for
that idea, but he always knows how to make it J

Before…like the wallpaper? 🙂


I say we’ve done pretty good…now what to do next?
Friday, February 21, 2014

Pallet Wine Rack

Another amazing DIY project using free pallet wood. Who knew
a pallet wine rack would be so elegant!

Here are some simple DIY steps to make one of your own:

To start:

Cut the pallet in half (leaving the center support of the
pallet). So you will have 2 big halves and 1 center strip. Using the center
strip pry off the long board and nail it to the bottom of the half cut in the
first part (so u have a basket to hold the wine.) DONE! Willie also drilled 3 holes
with a center drill bit so we could put the 3 bottles upside down.

To create the wine glass holder:

Need to buy from Lowes (or local hardware store)
a.       1
½ nails or so. (or whatever you have around the house)
b.      1”
(thick) x 2 wide X 8ft (length) craft board 
c.       ¾(thick)
x 4”(wide) x 4ft (length) ($4)

Cut one 4ft long of (a.) then screw it to the
back (making a stopper)
Cut strips of (a.) to create a pathways for the
wine glass to slide into (this will require measuring between so they are
straight and even)
Cut (b.) to the width of the pallet and screw b
onto a) to create a holder on the pathway so the wine glass don’t fall out.
(center each one so they look straight and even)


Happy woodworking J
*PS- to make the piece extra special, fill your wine rack
with custom labeled wine bottles. Ours were created by my maid of honor for our
engagement party and rehearsal dinner. I absolutely LOVE them!