Friday, September 25, 2015

Hug in a Cup

In the spring and fall our city hosts a very prominent arts and craft show that pulls the attention of thousands of attendees and of course…I am one of them. There are tons of local businesses and artists which makes it one of my favorite events. This year I found a pottery artist that I was absolutely obsessed with!! Clays of Our Lives (pretty hilarious) by Brian Beckenheimer does not disappoint with his wonderfully crafted (almost tie-dye colored) functional stoneware. I went crazy and at $12 for these huge custom mugs, they were a crazy steal! These beauties just make my morning coffee so much better with their little personalities! (I also got a soup bowl and he threw in the mini vase as a thank you gift…so nice!)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Easy Housewarming Gift

A personalized wreath is the perfect housewarming gift for a newly married
couple who just but their first house together. I gave this to my friends and
on moving day the proudly displayed their new initial on the front door and
helped mark this new chapter and transition into married life. This is something
that won’t cost you much but will have a huge meaning behind it.
All you need is a wooden wreath, artificial flowers,
scissors, hot glue, and an wooden initial. I’ve also seen this project done with house numbers or
other items that you can personalize for different occasions.  I also included a wreath hanger so it was a
complete set, but that is up to you! Don’t forget to coupon cut for savings!
Everything is always on sale at craft stores.
Didn’t it turn out great?

I also made one for our front door. I am actually going this weekend to pick out some fall colored flowers to replace the Spring motif. The great thing about the wooden wreath is you can change it with the seasons! Great investment!
And here is another version that my friend made. How amazing is her farmhouse red door!! Love it!! You really cannot go wrong with decorating these wreaths. Use your imagination! 
Have fun crafting!

Friday, September 18, 2015

OBX Faves!

YAY! Another successful trip to OBX complete!

As Hartley’s first beach trip, she was amazing! The toys and
bathtub we purchased from the thrift store were lifesavers. We set her up under
a big tent with towels underneath and either let her play there or in her bath
tub with some salt water (so she got the real beach experience J). We also got her to
take a nap every day, which was AWESOME! The little diva got to take her naps
with a little battery operated fan. Excited to see her next year running around
and splashing in the real waves.

Going down there always reminds me of the slower
paced life and the wonderful happy people who live down there. My favorite
spots that I ALWAYS have to visit are Front Porch Café, Outer Bean Juice and
Java and Déjà New. Front Porch Café has some amazing coffee and I’m always a
proud supporter of local coffee shops. Outer Bean Juice and Java and Déjà New
combine my two loves in just a few steps of one another…Outer Bean has great
coffee and amazing healthy food options while Déjà New has awesome reclaimed artistic
furniture. Outer Bean is possibly my favorite spot to have breakfast. We
visited multiple times on our recent trip, but my favorite morning was when
Willie and I strolled Hartley up and were able to get some coffee and enjoy the
morning breeze outside, then we went inside and ordered some breakfast. Willie
got a yummy smoked salmon bagel while I got their Healing smoothie. The Healing
smoothie is made with avocado, celery, ginger, banana, parsley, spinach, kale,
romaine, almond, walnuts flaxseed, hemp protein, chia seed with almond milk. It
is possibly the best and most healthy way to start off your day. Hartley loved
it too! I couldn’t even get a sip in because she wanted more and more. We also
always get a special treat…I mean we are on vacation…and split their delicious
homemade spiced apple cake….yummm! Go visit these amazing local OBX
businesses…you won’t be disappointed.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MacKenzie-Childs…Splurge or Save?

I have been lusting over a MacKenzie-Childs teapot for quite
some time. Her designs are absolutely amazing, however a little pricy for my
budget. This Sunday I hit the jackpot at our local thrift store. On the top
shelf I spotted the trademark black and white checkered pattern…my heart
stopped…have I found a MacKenzie-Childs in a thrift store?!?! Unfortunately, it
wasn’t the designer, but for $3 vs. the $325 I would have spent on the designer
brand, I am totally amazed and happy with my purchase. It brings such a fun and
funky twist to my rustic kitchen and I absolutely LOVE this find!

Of course I couldn’t resist the $2 matching mug…LOVE!